BuildReactor 0.9.0 – multiple columns

Today’s version allows to configure how builds are displayed.
You can now select the amount of columns on the settings page and if builds within a group should expand to fill the entire screen width.
By default 2 columns will be displayed but if you want to go back to previous behaviour – just set it to 1.
There are also some improvements to the CSS to better deal with long project names that sometimes pushed labels to the next line.
The spinner is gone and replaced by animated yellow background. If the build is waiting in the queue the background will turn yellow but animation will be turned on only once a build agent actually starts.

The concept of “group” is called differently depending on the CI server:
– project name on Bamboo and TeamCity
– category on BuildBot and CruiseControl.NET
Even though CruiseControl.NET has support for grouping builds, this does not seem to be the case for other CruiseControl servers.
GoCD uses a convention of separating pipline name, stage and jobs using ” :: “. Looks like a reasonable convention so added that to all CCTray based services.
That way even if your server does not support that feature, you can rename your builds with "group_name :: build_name" to display all builds within a group in one row.
Let me know if that causes some problems with the way you use CI.

The configuration is applied immediately and you can see a preview on the right side. All open windows are updated as well so this should make it easier to see how it looks on that big screen on the wall in your project room 🙂

View configuration

The settings apply to full-screen view as well as the popup.

Popup with columns


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