BuildReactor 0.10.0

Last commit details

With the new version it is easier to tell what commits broke the build and who’s responsible for fixing it.
The name of the person and commit comment is shown below build name.
If CI server reports multiple commits, each one will be shown every few seconds.
Note the feature is only available to servers that support this:

  • Bamboo
  • Jenkins
  • Teamcity
  • Travis

Commit messages
Servers based on cctray display just user names and only if “Breakers” element is present in cctray.xml
If you prefer the old behaviour and not show any names or comments, you can switch it off in the view settings:
view options

Group/pipeline name in notifications

If groups are supported by your server they will be shown in the notifications.
This is mostly to show more relevant information for GoCD, where pipelines are represented as groups.
Notification with group

Fix Bamboo login issues

Bamboo users might have experienced issue with the extension where the service was being automatically disabled when Chrome started.
This was caused by BuildReactor incorrectly authenticating with Bamboo which resulted in getting 401 error from the server.
It was necessary to login to Bamboo in a separate tab to work around that.
Thanks to Darrin Holst for fixing this!

Permissions change

With the Bamboo authentication issues solved it is not necessary to require “cookies” permission any more.
It has been removed from manifest file in this release.

Don’t allow duplicate service names

If you added a new service and gave it a name that already exists, the existing service would be replaced, which could be pretty annoying.
Same happened when renaming services.
This is now prevented by disabling the confirmation buttons to make sure all services have unique names.

Allow updating just credentials

If you tried to update only the credentials for a service it was a bit tricky as the save button was only enabled after changing some of the monitored projects.
The button is enabled all the time now so it shouldn’t be an issue any more.

Extension crash when offline

Clicking on an offline build could cause BuildReactor to crash.
This would happen for example when the build server was behind company firewall and not available from external network.
This should be fixed now.

Remove UserVoice from Help menu

So far I’ve used UserVoice for new feature requests, but quite a few requests were reported using GitHub issues as well.
Having 2 lists of features is a bit confusing and I think it’s safe to assume that whoever uses BuildReactor also has a GitHub account.
With this release I decided to just switch to GitHub to keep the requests together with the code.
You can still look up the UserVoice list and I’ll still implement features based on it but just to remove the confusion let’s just use GitHub for all project related features and bugs.
Help menu


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